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QUAY AUSTRALIA About Quay Australia®
There is nothing quite like the feeling of the sun on your shoulders, the open road, and a phenomenal set of tunes! This is exactly what inspired the creation of Quay Australia® sunglasses, more commonly known as sunnies.
Linda and Allen Hammond were motivated by the festival circuit and driven by music. Out of this laidback and freethinking spirit, Quay Australia was born. Once word spread that there was a brand fit for the nonconforming and imaginative, the brand continued to grow and Linda and Allen’s son, Zak, joined the fearless duo. The unique eyewear hit the international market in 2009 and has continued to impress.
Quay Australia sunnies lead the pack in creativity and bold design. Not for the faint of heart, these sunglasses are made for those with a fearless style and a carefree attitude. Seen on the faces of music icons and models, these inspiring shades are a captivating addition to your wardrobe. From uniquely shaped frames, colored lenses, and patterned designs, this eyewear makes a statement!
Quay Australia believes in more than just their iconic lenses. They believe in the power of people and their interactions that create personal style and a lasting impression! Not only are their sunnies on point but the brand has impeccably high moral standards when creating safe work spaces for product production. Quay Australia radiates a creative flare that can’t be compared and is supported by a genuine company that stands behind its product!