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Altra™ wasn't started in some corporate office, but in the back room of a Wasatch Mountain running store. The founders —elite athletes and retail managers— wanted a running shoe that encouraged running the way you were born to run. They noticed that the design of most athletic shoes hurt runners more than they helped. The elevated heel of the typical running shoe being sold promoted high-impact landings, and their narrow toe box design squeezed the toes out of their natural splayed position.

What began as experimental shoe alterations grew into what we know to be the Altra running company of today. Innovative from the get go, the brand is the only running footwear company to feature the cushioned Zero Drop™ platform and FootShape™ toe box technologies, which can be found integrated into every style across their entire footwear line. This combination of proprietary components encourages low-impact technique, and allows the feet and toes to remain in a natural, more relaxed position. The brand’s unique approach to creating running shoes has earned them multiple awards and a faithful fan following throughout the years.

From road to trail running, natural to maximum cushioning, Altra running shoes will change your perspective on what running comfort and performance can be.

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