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Buffalo David Bitton

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Always on trend and never afraid to deliver a bold new idea, Buffalo David Bitton™ is about pushing the boundaries of clothing and redefining style. Bitton, a Canadian designer, set out to create a company with humble beginnings that soon blossomed into a mega-empire spanning across the globe. His designs have set the standard by which others follow, and Buffalo's mix of quality denim and tops are highly desired by the fashion-trendy individual.

Buffalo's collection of premiere denim and sportswear is designed for those who march to the beat of their own drum. Their distressing, accents, and washes blend together to create a truly modern pant. Bitton's passion for clothing doesn’t just lie in denim. He's taken his keen eye for details and applied them to outerwear, creating rich, stylish jackets and shirts made to attract attention.

With boutiques established in Los Angeles, New York, and London just to name a few, Buffalo David Bitton is a fashion household name synonymous with modern hip. His Buffalo collection has created some of the most memorable contemporary designs of the modern age, reigniting the classic jean and turning it into something new. He's done it again with tops, and nothing is off limits when it comes to his sense of style. Get ready to set your own path and seek new adventures with Buffalo David Bitton by your side.

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