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About Dekline

Dekline shoes, since its launch in 2004, has become known for its characteristic old school feel that can´t be confused with anything else. Combining the influence of classic styling with today´s technology, Dekline shoes are now the first choice in stylish comfort. Dekline sneakers is made with the skateboarder in mind.

Using bold color blocking, strategic use of patterns, prints and unusual/unique materials, Dekline footwear helps you stand out from the crowd. Sponsoring a roster of well respected professional skateboarders, Dekline shoes prove to be the skater´s choice. Dekline skate shoes feature core skate shoe characteristics to keep you sessioning throughout the day and into the night.

Giving you better board feel and performance, Dekline shoes seeks to help you advance your skills on and off the board. Slip on a pair of Dekline shoes and you´ll know the difference between quality skate shoes and Dekline skate shoes. ENJOY THE RIDE!