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There is no fiber technology available that both attracts and repels moisture at the same time. The Drymax® Sport Socks Sweat Removal System uses two separate fiber technology layers to keep feet dry. Super Hydrophobic (water repelling) Drymax® fibers are used on the SKINside™ and Super Hydrophilic (water attracting) fibers are used as the absorbent outer layer which means DRYMAX® STAYS DRY - YOU STAY DRY!

This technology allows sweat to move completely through to the outer layer without sticking to the Drymax® fibers. Our Drymax® Sweat Removal System also keeps feet drier because it is self contained. Other socks rely on the ineffectively slow process of wicking and evaporation.

Touting itself as the "#1 sock to keep feet dry", you know they stand behind their product. With technological advancements in dual layer sweat removal system, to anti-blister with active odor control properties, these Drymax® socks have given lots of thought to something as simple as your feet. Give these Drymax® socks a try and you'll understand why they're the #1 sock to keep feet dry.

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