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Ministry of Supply
Ministry of Supply

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About Ministry of Supply

It all started at MIT.

Kit, Gihan, and Aman met as students at MIT, where they quickly realized they shared a vision for everyday clothing that could be as capable as their athletic gear. Aman and Gihan had been sewing prototypes for years, and Kit’s drive to innovate customer experience was unstoppable. The group joined forces in 2012 and introduced their first performance dress shirt. The Apollo Kickstarter campaign set the record for most-funded fashion project at the time and gave way to the full line of garments that continues to evolve for optimal comfort and capability.

Ministry of Supply strives to solve the problems that have been inherent to everyday clothing for far too long, like poor fit and sweat stains that can ruin your day. To ensure that they are alleviating the pain points customers face in their garments, they base all their designs on real people and experiences. Even the most promising idea still must be tried and honed. So the brand designs, builds, and field-tests; then they implement feedback and do it all over again. By relentlessly challenging the expected, they have developed a process to produce garments that are better made, better performing, and better suited for modern life.

As the lines between work, play, and downtime continue to blur, the brand believes customers need essential garments that keep up with their entire day. They have set out to achieve that versatility through capable garments that actually fit the human body and are easy to care for and wear, no matter what you choose to do in them.