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Hi, we’re Sanuk™; a not-so-typical footwear brand born from a love of innovation and raised on a relentless quest to spread unconventional comfort to the far corners of the universe. This is our story…let’s begin. Flashback to ’97, when Jeff Kelley; a life-lovin’, swell-chasin’, ever-spirited entrepreneur set out to build a backyard brand that was as much about funk as it was function, as hip as it was hippie and as humorous as it was heartfelt. Jeff, or JK as we call him, set into motion what would be our founding principles that we still hold true today: creativity, innovation, and fun…in fact, Sanuk is the Thai word for “FUN”. From the beach to the barbeque and beyond, all things Sanuk exist to make you smile…and pass it on. We’re best-known for our ultra-comfortable Yoga Mat sandals and the original Sidewalk Surfer: the world’s first and only true sandal/shoe hybrid. But Sanuk is so much more than lo-fi innovation and comfortable shoes, it’s a way of life. Our goal is to provide creatively inspired yet thoughtfully designed products for people who find joy in shared experiences. From surfing, to climbing, to music and art…for us it’s all about community. We support a diverse group of ambassadors that personify the unique style, humor, and genuine spirit of the brand. The Sanuk family is committed to having fun and putting grins on chins. After all, life’s short, Ü can’t be serious… Though fun and games are a large part of the culture here at Sanuk, our playful nature is accompanied by a big heart. In recent times, Sanuk has become a passionate partner of charitable organizations as well as numerous local community outreach programs. Around here, we believe true happiness starts from the ground-up and that laughter is a basic human right – and left. So, consider this your invitation to let your hair down and kick your feet up. It’s time to let your funk flag fly! Walk with us and we’ll show you a world where the grass is always greener. Come find your happy place, your best day ever… where things are never uncomfortable. Welcome to Sanuk…

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