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The Dirty Laundry girl is blazing a trail and going places. She knows that the joy of life is in the journey and she takes that journey very seriously. The girl who sports Dirty Laundry flats, boots or sandals is a trend-setter. She takes these trends and makes them her own. Dirty Laundry shoes get better for the wear. Dirty Laundry shoes become one with their owner, and they're not so dirty that mom wouldn't want a pair for herself!

All of the materials used in the making of Dirty Laundry shoes are of the highest quality. The use of multiple uppers such as nylon, leather and suede ensure that versatility is a key for Dirty Laundry. Fun and fashionable styles are the outstanding characteristics of both Chinese Laundry and Dirty Laundry.

Quality and fashion have been the mainstays of Chinese Laundry since they were founded in 1981. Over the last two decades they have become a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. Dirty Laundry is for that adventuresome girl in all of us, the girl who lives, laughs and loves with no fear.

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