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Livie & Luca was founded in 2005 with the tagline, "adorable shoes for adorable feet." San Francisco Bay Area residents and co-owners, Mitzi Rivas and Amie Garcia, fell in love with an adorable pair of shoes gifted to Mitzi. With those shoes in their hands and a dream in their hearts, they were inspired to create a line of specialty children's shoes designed with whimsy and sweetness that sing of the joy of being a child.

Livie & Luca offers expertly crafted shoes for baby, toddler, and youth that can be worn everyday or for special occasions. They incorporate brightly colored leathers, bold designs and playful details that capture the essence of childhood. The shoes are inspired by nature, travels, and vintage designs and their comfortable construction allows kids to navigate playgrounds, city streets and dirt pathways with style and ease.

Livie & Luca strongly believes in supporting their community and each year they partner with a local organization to better children's lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are also involved in the "Changing the Face of Beauty" movement which strives to have children of all abilities represented in media.

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