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For pure walking pleasure, Mephisto(R) shoes and sandals are the gold standards for long-lasting, comfort footwear. For more than 50 years, the mission has never changed: to create and manufacture the world's finest footwear. True to its heritage, Mephisto shoes are designed and crafted to perfection. They utilize more than 140 different operations and require more than 90 minutes to manufacture a single pair of Mephistos.

It is this ideal combination of expertise, technology and experienced craftsmanship that has made Mephisto one of the leading companies in France and a benchmark of perfection known around the world. Mephisto has won numerous quality and design awards over the years. The consumer can rest assured that every pair of shoes, boots, sandals, sneakers or loafers meet their strict production standards that yield the highest level of quality.

From women's dress sandals to men's sneakers, Mephisto is the ultimate in luxurious comfort and quality. And for the adventurous "soles" out there, Mephisto also offers a collection of boots that stand up to the elements and provide needed stability and comfort for the trail and the street. From snow boots and rain boots to fashion boots, Mephisto goes the extra mile to ensure total satisfaction.

It is no wonder Mephisto customers are so loyal. When people experience Mephisto handcrafted quality and unsurpassed comfort, they are fans for life.

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