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Play the Naturino way.

Naturino shoes are designed to accompany children in their world as they play, run, jump, go all over the place and take that extra step into the world. With Naturino children are free to live their adventures and escapades in full safety because the technical characteristics of the shoe, including the unique sand effect, ensure all the stability and safety that busy feet need.

Naturino´s success comes from the philosophy that has guided their company for 30 years: that of the following the growth and development of children right form the first steps they take! It was in fact the Naturino ¨first steps¨ line launched in 1988 that made their company an international hallmark. Dedicated research for the finest materials and their collaboration with authoritative foot specialists and pediatrician associations have allowed Naturino to develop the best shoes for children that are not only comfortable but also endure the natural development of children's feet without unnecessary pinching and squeezing. Naturino´s range has been extended with models that meet all requirements of children, from 0 year onwards.

Naturino shoes come from more than 30 years experience and are recommended by pediatricians´ and foot specialists who appreciate the soft support, removable insole and flexible bottom of these shoes that guarantee correct muscle development. The inborn desire of children to discover the world and the protective instinct of their mothers encouraged us to create a shoe that is indestructible, comfortable and fashionable. The Naturino brand is designed with the idea that children's footwear should be fun, colorful, and fashion conscious. Their shoes are generally found in specialty boutiques, children's shoe stores, Naturino exclusive shops, and department stores across the country.

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