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Dorian Lightbown, the Creative Director & designer behind NIC+ZOE, has always had a passion for knitwear. Even as a little girl, she didn’t just play with dolls—she styled and outfitted them. After attending Pratt and RISD as a young woman, she moved to Paris, which remains one of her favorite sources of design inspiration to this day. Then after over 20 years of bringing her ideas to life as a knitwear designer, she followed her entrepreneurial spirit and launched her own company in 2005.

Affectionately named after her two favorite people—her children, Nicholas & Zoë— the company is both a family business and a brand built upon feel-good fabrics. From finding the softest yarns in Shanghai to discovering new color palates in Italy, Dorian travels the world for the creative inspiration and technological innovations that help her seasonally reinvent knitwear. Her visionary approach to hand selecting textiles, designing prints, artisanally mixing colors and creating new stitching techniques ensures every design is unique. Each season, Dorian delivers a uniquely colored collection including sweaters, skirts, jackets, tops, dresses and pants, in both knits and wovens. It’s for women who wrap themselves in self-expression and wear their beauty from the inside, out—women like her daughter, Zoë, women like her industry mentors and, most of all, women like you.

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