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Scotch & Soda, a 100% Dutch Mark, has developed into worldwide success in more than 20 years time. Their Amsterdam Couture is sold in over 4,000 stores in 29 different countries and the number grows by the day. Scotch and Soda has not delved into traditional marketing. They credit their luxurious goods and garments to their exponential growth.

Scotch and Soda garments are all uniquely detailed and designed with love. Each one of their collections contains a rich diversity of moods, materials, colors, fits and styling. The Scotch brand DNA, old school with a spicy twist and awesome detailing, is recognizable in each garment from Scotch and Soda wovens, shirts, shorts, pants, jackets and blazers.

Creativity is their signature and individualism is a property that Scotch and Soda gladly promotes. Scotch and Soda works with professionals, thus their stylish signature comes through in each item from overall design to the small subtle details. Scotch and Soda brings you clothing with their very own manner of substances and materials, finishing, separate combinations, unexpected style elements and original details.

Another Scotch & Soda Initiative. Amsterdam Couture. Your Supplier of Luxury Goods & Garments.

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