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During the hot New York summer of 2010, Nick Brown found himself searching for the traditional jute soled espadrilles he had worn as a kid on holidays along the Spanish coast.

Stylish enough for evenings out, comfortable in the sweltering heat, and perfect for heading to the beach, he knew they would be the perfect summer shoes.

With nothing similar on the market, Nick decided to transport a dose of Mediterranean sunshine to the U.S.A., and Soludos™ was born. The name is taken from the Spanish "salud," meaning cheers, and "sol," which equates to sun, together forming "cheers to the sun!"

Appearing first on the feet of friends, family, and SoHo locals, Soludos™ quickly spread among citizens of summer everywhere who were in search of that unique summer spirit. Today, the mission to create products that celebrate a never-ending summer remains the same.

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