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Superga® was born in 1913 in Torino, Italy when Walter Martiny started production of rubber-soled footwear marked with the Superga logo. In 1925, Superga's designs expanded to include shoes with vulcanized rubber soles and the 2750 Heritage style was unleashed! After World War I, Superga restarted production specializing solely in the production of high quality footwear. In the 1970s, Superga diversified to add sport shoes with technical attributes. Now the collections include Superga City leather and Superga Country rubber rain and outwear boots in addition to the original Superga Vulcanized and Sport lines. Superga celebrates the fun lifestyle of the 2750 by offering a wide range of colors, fabrics, and prints each season for women, men, and kids. And for the fashionistas, Superga Limited Edition shoes feature the 2750 design in collectible, limited production designs. Superga Kids combines fun and fashion in the everyday sneaker. Kids are able to express their individual style with the fun freedom of these canvas prints. Bring out the life in your child’s feet with Superga Kids!

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