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Horny Toad is now Toad&Co.

If you're fun loving and easy going, Toad&Co® apparel is right up your alley. Based in Santa Barbara, California, a few hundred yards from the beach, Toad&Co® creates active lifestyle apparel for men and women. They make clothes that they would want to wear themselves, keeping in mind that the clothes that one chooses to wear also needs to suit their way of life. Because you've got to wear clothes, Toad&Co® apparel wants every piece to be your favorite.

Every day Toad&Co® tries to lighten their environmental footprint so to speak, by staying active within the community, and involved in organizations that improve our world. Toad&Co® remains proud of the factories that they work with and believe that customers could visit and leave without thinking any less of Toad&Co® or the clothing.

“Keep Good Company” is the mantra and constant inspiration for unique designs, business practices and the Toad&Co® way of life. The company culture is oriented around community, sustainability, and seeking out fun in the every day. Toad&Co® wants you to wear their clothes because it feels right, and you feel right in it.

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