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At Vasque, they are committed to making functional, innovative and aesthetic footwear that performs to the highest standards. Their ultimate goal is to make shoes that inspire you to get outdoors and embark on an adventure. Incorporating and developing new and innovative technologies into their boots is what keeps Vasque at the top of their game.

Vasque offers various outsole systems, and components targeted to your outdoor activity. Whether you´re backpacking, trail running, or mountaineering, they have the right shoe for you. Vasque holds a reputation for making shoes that stand up to the test of time. Simply put, they don´t make throw-away footwear.

In addition to their commitment to high-performance, outdoor footwear, Vasque also cares about the environment. From their boots, to their packaging, to their marketing materials and day to day operations, Vasque scrutinizes all elements of their business, striving to make a lighter, ecological footprint.

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