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It all started with a bold vision and the decision to redefine women’s rain boots and footwear. No longer restricted to utilitarian wear, Western Chief’s™ highly stylish collection of footwear has transformed the rain boot into a piece of designer-quality art that’s not limited to gloomy weather. With styles that go with every outfit – and with every season – the company is transforming a niche application into a chic collection of deluxe shoes and boots ready to go with any outfit.

Western Chief’s high-end collection of rain boots and casual footwear feature some of the freshest designs throughout the industry. Each piece is made to last and Western Chief’s commitment to quality products can be found in their established adult and kids lines. Featuring flashy prints that dazzle and colorful bodies and patterns, a Western Chief boot is guaranteed to stand out among the packs of drab footwear.

Quality and color are the basis for any great product, and they’re fundamental to the high-end creations found at Western Chief. Reimagining weather-wear and its application is a challenge, but Western Chief has changed the way rain boots are worn and shown off. No matter the weather, Western Chief’s collection of footwear is the perfect complement to the fashionable woman’s discriminating taste.

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