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Wolford® got its start back in 1949 in Bregenz, Austria when industrialist Reinhold Wolff and retailer Walter Palmers founded a company under the name Wolff & Co. KG to create stockings for women made from pure silk and rayon. The technology was based on used American cotton machines, which were adapted to suit Wolford® quality standards. The alterations to these machines created a sort of copy protection for their products and gave the company a head start against competitors from the get go.

Drive and ambition helped Wolford® forge ahead of the competition and helped expand the company. With motivation from previous successes, in 1988 there was a strategic change made to the company with the focus now being placed on achieving a position within the luxury department. One of the first stages in the historic development of the product range was the step from tights to bodywear in 1992. The bodywear did not feature any seams, instead they were based on the same circular knitting technology that Wolford® used in their successful legwear products. This was followed by a stringent product diversification based on the Wolford’s quality standards and saw the range being expanded to incorporate additional areas of bodywear.

Today, Wolford® is a global premium brand with a long-standing tradition of unique products that range from female silhouette enhancing bodywear, sexy legwear, lingerie, swimwear and accessories. Geared toward strong, passionate women with high expectations with regard to innovative, intelligent products that feel like a second skin, Wolford® is luxury that you can feel.

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